Hard chrome plating is obtained by a process of electro-deposition applied to the steel of different alloys, casting, nickel and bronze. Our hard chrome plating facilities are at the forefront of technology to meet the highest standards of quality required by our customers.

We offer the best solution for hard chrome plating because we are equipped with a catalyst to achieve a filing of a greater hardness ranging up to 70 Rockwell and containing more than 8200 micro-cracks per inch. This is the highest micro-crack on the market and ensures a much better power of lubricity, which is needed for hydraulic applications.

Hard chrome plating is a surface finish that increases the life of your components because it offers a low coefficient of friction and therefor decreases the friction. It is also non-adherent to certain materials.  

Nickel Plating

Chrome offers:                

High lubricity
Exceptional hardness
Resistance to wear
A low coefficient of friction
Non-adherent to certain materials
Provides resistance to corrosion by chemical agents and high temperatures.
Gives a shiny appearance

We have several plating baths allowing us to process parts up to 15 feet long, a great advantage for large parts.

Chrome plating is a great and economical alternative for new or used parts.

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