National Krome Teck also specializes in the veneer to functional nickel for industrial and commercial applications.
Nickel plating, depending on the techniques used, can offer a hardness variation of 150 - 500 Vickers, similar to the colour of stainless steel varying from gray to a light grey, almost white.

Nickel plating provides corrosion resistance whose performance is based on the thickness. Nickel plating shows a low coefficient of thermal expansion, is magnetic, and has a very high resilience on steel.

The advantages of Nickel:
- Resistant to wear
- Resistant to corrosion
- Low coefficient of thermal expansion
- Magnetic
- Diffusion barrier
- Tenacious on the steel
- Bending performance
- Offers longer durability of your parts

Specification: QQ-N-290A
Class 2
Category A, B, C, D, E, F, G 

nickel chrome PLATING